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The Three Stags

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Posing with friends Pilantia and Deadly_Kiss. Still need to get one of these for Silver, Eldesta, and Frkypunk!

Front View

Front View

Side Profile

Side Profile


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April 11, 2013 at 7:30 am

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Random Screen Caps

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Pictures often speak louder than words.

Sometimes the KPL minions freeze in place like this instead of dying normally.

Sometimes the KPL minions freeze in place like this instead of dying normally.

The Rift flight point turned to gold when I appeared.

The Rift flight point turned to gold when I appeared.

Only one poison counter against Anata this morning.

Only one poison counter against Anata this morning.

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April 2, 2013 at 10:05 am

Gen.Awesome: 6/6 T1, Revenge of Plaint

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After running ETL and KPL about five kazillion times, I finally won the rolls on my last remaining T1 essences. Afterward I crafted [Stable Strong Defender’s Legguards] and [Stable Strong Defender’s Shoulderpads], making Gen.Awesome 6/6 T1!

The elusive Essence of Eristar for a 6/6 victory!

The elusive Essence of Eristar for a 6/6 victory!

I also managed to score a [Revenge of Plaint] from an SPL chest. Thanks again to guildies Zeref and Havoc for reserving it for me, as well as Steaze, who guarded the chest while I ran the marathon to Zargis’ temple. You guys rock!

Revenge of Plaint is my new main hand blade of choice.

Revenge of Plaint is my new main hand blade of choice.

Additionally, I’ve been running dailies and Sailen dungeons several times each day. I really need to amass souls and acquire [Essences of Saithion].

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April 1, 2013 at 11:31 am

Gen.Awesome: More Gear

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After a few days of exhaustion, I finally have some updates to report on Gen.Awesome. First off, Gen.Awesome scored an [Essence of Eristar] yesterday morning in ETL, leaving one remaining for epic shoulders and 5/6 T1. I also picked up a [Battleaxe of the Eristars] from 4v4 this morning and an [Evil Crystal Shield] at Khap. While I was happy to see the shield drop, I won’t be using it since I already picked up an [Impasse] in EHL.

Nice to finally see this one drop.

Nice to finally see this one drop.

Of course the [Essence of Death] dry spell continues. I still need two more of these eyeballs to craft [Stable Strong Defender’s Legguards]. At this rate I’ll be well on my way to 2/6 Gritty T2 gear before they drop! I kid, I kid– obviously that won’t happen for another five years. 😉

As mentioned in an earlier post, a buddy of mine saved both a [Life-Drain Battleaxe] and an [Ancient Envoy’s Necklace] for the General. I’ve also started running GSL more frequently with guild members and friends. This morning I picked up my second T2 piece, a set of [Mountain Defender’s Gloves].

This morning Havoc transformed into Khap and fought Tite, spine to fang.

This morning Havoc transformed into Khap and fought Tite, spine to fang.

Lastly, I exchanged 270 souls for a [Fortitude Guardian’s Cape]; thanks to Samson for the recommendation on this accessory. While I had planned on waiting for the next update to spend my souls, this release is taking forever to arrive and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Additionally, I’m nearly broke in-game so buying it with gold was out of the question.

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March 29, 2013 at 9:46 am

The Life of the Monk by Entity

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I read this post on the forums and thought that it was totally worth reposting to this blog. Thanks to Entity the author for posting it.

The Life of the Monk

by Entity
Posted on March 20, 2013 around 2:00 pm PST

I think it is known that being a monk is the most demanding, complex, and hardest job in the entire game to perform. As you get better, your job gets harder, people demand more, and push your way to perfection (so you think). We are one of the most valuable classes that is needed for any dungeon run, but yet we aren’t shown appreciation.

I am writing this to inform the OaC community of what the typical monk goes through while running dungeons.

It takes a lot of skill to do what a monk does. When I say skill I mean we have to be precise in our timings, we need to watch not only the field, but also players health, our cooldowns, as well as any other variables. We are always at work during a dungeon. No matter how high of gear we have or how pro our group might be, it doesn’t change the fact that we still have the most work to perform on the field. People often think that all monks should be healing 5000 or more and that our pray has a cooldown of 3 seconds. Mages always feel entitled to our divine breath, no one wants to fall below 90% health during a bosses special move, no one wants to pot because the monks only job is to keep only them alive and everyone else in the group doesn’t matter. Well let me fill you in, none of that is true and if you think that, it must be because you’re walking around failing at life and need someone else to compensate your failures for you and only psychologist understand you!

Now, what most people don’t understand is that there is a luck factor in this game. No matter how predictable the bosses moves may be, there is still a chance that he might target someone else the second time around or might land a lucky crit. Things like this has to be taken into consideration of the monk. If not, things tend to get messy and blame is usually thrown (usually at the monk).

Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Usually a pro monk has about 6.5k hp and 10k mana. They crit often so rapid can be 1.8k, divine light at about 4.5k, ring about 1.6k, and pray about 1.6k as well.

Based on these stats lets run through some bosses at gsl, spl, and ehl.


Titehelm: Because most people are impatient and just want to get this fight over with, most groups tend to ignore the little exploding scorpions. The monk will make up for the damage lost. Now this puts the monk in an tight position because not only does the monk have to do more casting, but they have to do it while being lucky not to get stunned. Now, it very possible to heal this boss with ease, but lets say two scorpions atk two players, you are trying to use roh and get stunned. Now you are rage pressing the the button for when you aren’t silenced. It happens again and hits you. Now you try to pray. Guess what, in the middle of pray you get stunned and a scorpion atks again. You die. Dps: “Wtf monk!” Monk: “I was clearly silenced. Do you think I would just stand there and watch your health go down without trying to heal you?” Dps: “Noob I can easily heal this if I had a monk” Monk: “I’m sure your brain would be proud. Did it ever occur to you that maybe if you killed the scorpions, we may not have wiped?”

Anata: This fight is all about luck if you ask me. You might know the pattern of his atks, but you will never know the timing. I’m speaking of the poison blast. Now lets get back to luck. When the vines atk they leave little poison counters on you that can stack up to 50. They do 60 damage every three seconds, but that’s not the hard part. The fight usually picks up when the vines pops up. They usually get a hit or two off and leaves a counter on someone. They are followed by the illusions and sometimes during this phrase you cast pray because of the blast. Well if you wait too long, Anata may cast the blast during the illusion and because of those counters, the damage is multiplied leaving the team in critical condition. If you cast it too early (say when the illusions first come out), he might not use it until right before the next vine comes up, leaving the team in critical condition again.

Now I once had a team that didn’t really believe in going all out on the vines and we ended up having about 10 counters. I managed to carry this “pro” team knowing we had 10 counters. I spammed pots just to make sure they were topped off. The vines came, then the illusions (vine is still up and slowly dying), I cast pray (hoping for the best), then during pray the poison blast. During my pray, that blast did about 6k worth of damage. I got the blame for everyone wiping when yet I did everything right and quite frankly most monks would have wiped a long time ago. I even told them what more could I have done? I was using pray! they were baffled as if I was going to pull a some new miracle move.


Crethiyum: This is another fight that most people tend to think the monk is invincible. Well, if the monk gets hit with a spear and runs like a snail and can’t make it to the orb, how is that the monks fault? Do you continue to run at full speed when hit?


This is the one that I would like to talk about the most. This is where people are the most ignorant about a monks abilities and capabilities. This is not an easy dungeon to heal at any level. There are too many possibilities to be silenced or put to sleep. I’m just going to jump right into this one.

Healique: I don’t know about you, but a silenced monk, is a a dead monk. Just look at pvp. This boss constantly spams his silence move and you try to time your free will just right so that when he blasts the team, the monk is ready with a pray. That’s not always the case, it’s very possible to get silenced right after free will. It’s also possible to get silenced several times in a row before the team even makes it to the blast. Dps: “wtf, monk. Pray” Monk: “I was praying. Praying that you stfu. I was silenced, otherwise we wouldn’t be here”.

Wethvive: This is not an hard fight. As long as the monk moves and heals, it’s a cakewalk

Nacher: ….just sit there and think about this fight for a monk. Take a minute and really just think. Okay, you still there, great. The twist in turns of this fight, makes this fight even a challenge for the best of them. I’ll walk you through it.

The beginning of the fight is simple. Avoid circles, spam roh, restore, rapid. The only problem with this is you’re running like you’re crazy. He constently steals 1600 hp from you (as a monk you don’t have much to begin with), seems like you always have to avoid a circle when you are casting a spell, keeping an eye on your health, others health, you’re mana consumption, and everything nacher is saying so you can plan accordingly. So you make it out of the first stage.

Onto the second, the boss summon. Completely random which boss spawns. If it’s cosmo, you have to spam roh while avoiding circles, sleep, and losing 1600 hp often. If it’s rahj then you have to just avoid circles as there will be two circles most of the time (but I must say this is the easiest one). Khap…..Honestly Khap is too big to even be there. His shadow covers everything from here to Barbados and you can never see a circle or your teammates. Best of luck to you. Lastly, Zargis. You might as well fight the real thing. I swear he has so much hp that I’m sure I could get in two prayers if I timed it right (just kidding, but he takes the longest to take down). While you try to take him down you are still at the mercy of Nacher and his randomly selected atks.

Last stage, is when he stands up. Now I’ve heard many monks have died here. We pray, the dps sucks, it’s our fault still. We pray and he puts us to sleep, it’s still our fault. There is nothing that can be done at that point. It’s no ones fault, but the blame needs to put somewhere.

Bottom line

Monks get treated like crap for things we can’t control. We are expected to be this godsend class that’s invincible. That’s not the case. Do we make mistakes, yes, but is every mistake our fault, no. Dps is a dime a dozen and yet they tend to walk away scratch free. You can’t be lazy when playing a monk. You can’t cut corners like you can with other classes. Monks are the backbone to any successful team and shouldn’t be taken for granted because a lot of monk ignore people when they treat them like that and refuse to group with them. Besides, you are probably not the only person that I would’ve grouped with. We usually have choices, if geared.

The last thing I would like to discuss is why does the monk have to run back and res everyone? How productive is that? How about everyone res and we can discuss what happened on the way back instead of thinking the monk should be the only one to make that run. If the monk messes up, fine, but after every wipe….f that.

Follow Up

How to make dungeon running easier?

When i do walkthroughs, I make sure that everyone in the group knows how to handle pug teams and how to navigate them. Here are a few things that i teach them.

1) The tank and monk should always be on the same page. The two classes build the defensive aspect of the team and, unless they are on the same page, the team will wipe and the run will be stressful. If you are a pro monk, try to understand how a tank operates. You should know what counter stance and guard stance look like. For counter, you should be healing the tank non stop as the tank will pull aggro. For g stance you should use rapid and divine as using pray may be a waste as it has a similar defensive effect as g stance.

2)know your team’s capabilities. If you see that you are running with a less than stellar (not fully pro team), limit the amount of mobs you pull so you team can manage.

3) Don’t assume that all classes have the same build. This goes for all class. If it is important that you group with a mage that has barrage or a certain permafrost skills, ask them before you start running. Better to ask beforehand then wait till its too late and ruining team moral. Same goes for rangers and paralyzing and toxic or millis with res.

4) get to know your monk. As a tank, ask your monk what they’re comfortable with. Make sure they can manage pulling 40 mobs before you just charge in. I can’t stress how many monks have told me they have wiped on ehl mobs because the tanked pulled all mobs and expected them to know what to do. A monk can be your greatest ally or your greatest foe.

5) Be patient. Everyone has their own style of playing. They may have the same exact build as other classes, but they may put their own spin on things. So if in a pug, don’t be quick to throw someone away simply because you don’t understand how they play. Thats why you should take a few minutes to ask.

6) Don’t be a second rank monk. What i mean by this is you chose to be your class. If its not a monk then stfu about anything having to do with being a monk. It is not your place to be a second rank monk and dictate what they should do because, as stated before, we are in a league of our own and if you are doing our job, there is no way you are doing yours. If you group with a 6/6 class, expect them to know their job and to do their job. If a class tell me what to do, i will purposely go out of my way and tell them how to do theirs. I will make sure they when you use c stance, snipe, or smoke bomb and I won’t care if I’m way off with my timing because most likely you are way off with yours. So my advice to you is if you want to command a monk, go to create a character and make one.

7) Dps doesn’t have a say in what the defensive side does. Don’t rush them as they are the only thing keeping you from the graveyard. That being said, defensive players don’t have a say so in the dps motives either. There are ways to work as a team without stepping on toes.

8.) This point will lead into the last two. Before running a dungeon, ask your team the following:

Is this anyone’s first time?

What parts do you struggle at?

How experienced are you at this dungeon?

Are you looking for any drops?

What build are you and/or did you spec in xyz moves?

By not asking these questions, you are setting yourself up for failure in most circumstances. By knowing your team, you are effectively a better player and easier to get along with. Also, you cannot complain about anything (wipes, personal faults, deaths, fighting over items, or a person losing signal). Spending 2 minutes at the beginning of the dungeon can save you 20 minutes later on in the dungeon. You have been warned.

9) don’t cry over drops. We are not mind readers. If you are looking for a drop, discuss it at the beginning not when it drops because everyone will plead their case in a haste and rushed fashion. Also, if you are 6/6 and an item drop that everyone knows that you clearly won’t use, don’t cry if another class rolls for it. I can’t stress how often i see a tank cry just because a ranger rolled on blue shoulder pads that aren’t part of a set and has dropped several times before. You are not entitled to every tank drop just because you are a tank. Other classes can use the loot too.

10) Have fun. This is a MMO meaning you will meet other players regardless of your motives. That being said, don’t think of talking to your team at the beginning of the dungeon as a chore, but more as a way to get the most out of what you paid for. Most of the time, you might meet someone that you can relate too, someone who you can run with in the future. Not only that, but it makes your runs more enjoyable and make farming dungeons less boring. Lastly, this allows you to fill your friendlist with those you like to run with and those you don’t meaning you can now organize pugs a lot more efficient.

Bonus) don’t assume every player you meet is a guy. Girls play this game too. I usually bite people heads off for making that mistake. The way that I avoid that mistake is I address you how i see your character. If you are a guy playing with a girl avatar don’t get offended when I refer to you as she/her/girl/sis. That is a personal choice that you decided to make when you clicked select gender at the beginning of you game. If you are a paying as a guy I will address you as one.

Thank you for reading and I hope that we can start to orchestrate more positive pugs and better experiences for all class.

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March 21, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Drop Drought Ends for Mage and the Colonel

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I took Mage.Awesome on an SPL run with fellow guildies Memnon, Wander’s_Far, and sun-tzu, joining the group at the second boss. At the mid-way point I tried to Lightning Fall a ball, but I accidentally killed myself. I’ll probably stick with Fireballs and Stone Spike from now on. Elemental Finishing would also work if the instant cast is up since it is immune to reflect. Anyway, the second boss dropped a [Bloodthirsty Wizard’s Hood], which I have tucked away in my storage container until further notice.

More T2 armor for Mage.Awesome.

More T2 armor for Mage.Awesome.

We made our way to Zargis and managed just fine against him. The chest contained a [Dark Believers Blade], which Col.Awesome needed to complement his other [Dark Believers Blade]. Wander’s Far was very polite and passed on the dagger, even though her ranger needed it as well!

I logged off of Mage.Awesome, came back on my archer, joined the team, and ran in to get it. Just as I was entering Zargis’ lounge, we said our goodbyes and our group disbanded, which kicked me out of the dungeon! Luckily we were able to team up again so that I could get the dagger. Note to self: the team lead must remain in the group for another person to pick up a treasure chest item. It’s probably easiest just to pass lead to the person getting the item.

Col.Awesome's second Dark Believer's Blade

Col.Awesome’s second Dark Believer’s Blade



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February 22, 2013 at 4:45 pm

Healing GSL and Soul-Drain Staff

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I healed GSL with Tos’un (previously DragonBorn on this blog) and a PUG. I think it was my first GSL healing since I started playing O&C again, but things went pretty well. I accidentally pulled the mob near the second steps by Titehelm, and our tank was being a douche about it. At the very end of Tite, the tank quit team to avoid exhaust, and Tite charged me for some reason, so I died a millisecond before Tite died. Tite dropped some T2 gear for Tos’un.

Anata was fairly uneventful. The tank was bitching about poison counters but it didn’t seem to matter. Titehelm dropped some ranger T2 gear and an [Essence of Saithion], which I rolled on and won for Doc’s fourth! The tank was all pissed about other people rolling with him because he only needed one more to upgrade a T2 piece. Sucks…

Party time! Excellent!

Party time! Excellent! Yeah, tank didn’t deserved it.

Of course the real win for me was when I checked the chest and found a [Soul-Drain Staff]. Mage.Awesome still doesn’t have one, so I was super stoked when the group mage passed on it. The group mage and tank wanted to sell it, but I said that I needed it for my mage. They quit our team immediately without saying thanks, goodbye, or anything. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate PUGs? Tos’un was also gone because of connection issues, game crashes, or he rage quit because of connection issues or game crashes, so I was stuck at Anata with Doc.Awesome and the staff, getting more anxious by the minute.

I frantically posted in guild chat about it. After sweating bullets for two minutes, Havoc saw my post and offered to help. He ran all the way to GSL, I quit, he invited Mage.Awesome, and then ta-da!

Mage.Awesome claims what is rightfully his.

Mage.Awesome claims what is rightfully his.

Thanks a bunch, Havoc!

Here is a comparison of how the [Soul-Drain Staff] and [Rahjil’s Staff] affect my stats. For times where crit is essential like soloing Shadow mobs, [Soul-Drain Staff] is probably the winner.

Spell Stats with Rahjil's Staff.

Spell Stats with Rahjil’s Staff.

Spell Stats with Soul-Drain Staff.

Spell Stats with Soul-Drain Staff.

Here is Mage.Awesome’s current rig:

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February 19, 2013 at 11:16 am