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Crimson Ranger’s Stag for Gen.Awesome

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Back when the General was lil’ level 20, I picked up the green deer for him in Bordhill. Ever since that glorious day he has been riding that same, slow buck around Haradon. I decided to change that this week by parking Mage.Awesome and the General at various armored spawn points. I tried Black Beach, the Swamp, Ankar, and Vega.

♪ Just the two of us... ♪

♪ Just the two of us… ♪

While waiting at the lower Vega spawn point, I saw a gorgeous red armored deer. Unfortunately I was only logged in with Mage.Awesome, while I had left Gen.Awesome outside GSL. Sadly he didn’t make it to Vega in time. Ultimately I stopped leaving my toons in Vega because dipshits like this guy kept killing me while I was waiting.

Please kill this toon if you ever see him.

Please kill this toon if you ever see him.

A few hours later, I decided to try my luck in the Edge of the Desert. Lo and behold I found a deer roaming the western PVP zone. I quickly teamed both toons and double stoned it until it fell.

A note of warning for people that want to do the same thing: do NOT use free loot. You will only be able to pick up the recipe on your successful stone caster. Instead use team allotment (don’t know about lead allotment) and set the loot quality to excellent to play it safe.


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April 6, 2013 at 8:27 am

Gen.Awesome: 6/6 T1, Revenge of Plaint

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After running ETL and KPL about five kazillion times, I finally won the rolls on my last remaining T1 essences. Afterward I crafted [Stable Strong Defender’s Legguards] and [Stable Strong Defender’s Shoulderpads], making Gen.Awesome 6/6 T1!

The elusive Essence of Eristar for a 6/6 victory!

The elusive Essence of Eristar for a 6/6 victory!

I also managed to score a [Revenge of Plaint] from an SPL chest. Thanks again to guildies Zeref and Havoc for reserving it for me, as well as Steaze, who guarded the chest while I ran the marathon to Zargis’ temple. You guys rock!

Revenge of Plaint is my new main hand blade of choice.

Revenge of Plaint is my new main hand blade of choice.

Additionally, I’ve been running dailies and Sailen dungeons several times each day. I really need to amass souls and acquire [Essences of Saithion].

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April 1, 2013 at 11:31 am

Gen.Awesome: More Gear

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After a few days of exhaustion, I finally have some updates to report on Gen.Awesome. First off, Gen.Awesome scored an [Essence of Eristar] yesterday morning in ETL, leaving one remaining for epic shoulders and 5/6 T1. I also picked up a [Battleaxe of the Eristars] from 4v4 this morning and an [Evil Crystal Shield] at Khap. While I was happy to see the shield drop, I won’t be using it since I already picked up an [Impasse] in EHL.

Nice to finally see this one drop.

Nice to finally see this one drop.

Of course the [Essence of Death] dry spell continues. I still need two more of these eyeballs to craft [Stable Strong Defender’s Legguards]. At this rate I’ll be well on my way to 2/6 Gritty T2 gear before they drop! I kid, I kid– obviously that won’t happen for another five years. 😉

As mentioned in an earlier post, a buddy of mine saved both a [Life-Drain Battleaxe] and an [Ancient Envoy’s Necklace] for the General. I’ve also started running GSL more frequently with guild members and friends. This morning I picked up my second T2 piece, a set of [Mountain Defender’s Gloves].

This morning Havoc transformed into Khap and fought Tite, spine to fang.

This morning Havoc transformed into Khap and fought Tite, spine to fang.

Lastly, I exchanged 270 souls for a [Fortitude Guardian’s Cape]; thanks to Samson for the recommendation on this accessory. While I had planned on waiting for the next update to spend my souls, this release is taking forever to arrive and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Additionally, I’m nearly broke in-game so buying it with gold was out of the question.

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March 29, 2013 at 9:46 am

Our Guild’s “Wanted Items” Glassboard

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Rather than merching chest items or selling them in shady global ads, my guild started a “Wanted Items” Glassboard for charity giving within the guild. In just a few days I’ve managed to score a [Nightmare] for Mage.Awesome, an [Ancient Envoy’s Necklace] and a [Life-Drain Battleaxe] for Gen.Awesome, and a [Moon’s Dignity] for Col.Awesome. Thanks especially to Mem who was there for each of these, as well as all of the other guildies who helped save these items for me!

This replaces my Dark Assassin necklace. Still saving souls until after the update.

This replaces my Dark Assassin necklace. Still saving souls until after the update.

Quick communication is necessary when holding items, unless you like keeping your guildies waiting around Nacher or Zargis for an hour. I’ve found that iMessage is super convenient for getting in touch with people quickly. If you prefer to remain anonymous, iMessage allows users to attach multiple email addresses to their account, such as an O&C only address.

Here is Col.Awesome’s current equipment with the new necklace. I’ll update Gen.Awesome in a new post:

Helm: [Unfeeling Sneak Charger’s Helmet]
Shoulders: [Keen Track Killer’s Shoulderpads]
Chest Plate: [Reinforced Stealth Hunter’s Coat]
Gloves: [Keen Track Killer’s Gloves]
Legs: [Keen Track Killer’s Legguards]
Boots: [Unfeeling Sneak Charger’s Boots]
Cloak: [Angel Wings Cloak]
Necklace: [Moon’s Dignity]
Trinkets: [Rune’s Fingerstall], [Anata’s View]
Rings: [Nacher’s Soul Ring], [Nacher’s Soul Ring]
Ranged Weapon: [Blood Sacrifice]
Melee Weapons: [Dark Believers Blade], [Dark Believers Blade]

Alternative Items:
[Sunsaya Crossbow]
[Dark Assassin Ring]
[Cerulean Gem Ring]
[Robust Brand]
[Dark Assassin Necklace]
[Power Infusion Necklace]
[Hidden Cloak]
[Keen Track Killer’s Helmet]
[Keen Track Killer’s Boots]

PVP Items
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Cloak]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Ring]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Necklace]

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March 29, 2013 at 9:23 am

Gen.Awesome: Random Stuff and 4/6

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Each night around reset, I hop on Doc.Awesome to complete the daily dungeons. Being a healer, Doc is typically the first person I chose for ease of finding groups. I usually switch over to Gen.Awesome afterward to collect souls, gain tanking experience, and try my luck at scoring new gear. There are exceptions to these two when people need a DPS, of course, but it’s definitely more difficult to find groups with them.

Over the last 24 hours on Gen.Awesome I powered through one RKL run, two ETL runs, two KPL runs, and a failed EHL run (Nacher is a bitch sometimes). Most of the dungeons were with Memnon, Wanders_far, Spartacus, HellsBeats, Eldy, and SexyLiu on their various toons–thanks to all of them for the runs! There must be others but all of these damn dungeon runs have merged together in my memory. You know you’re getting old when…

ETL went well on both occasions and I picked up [Barstikar’s Honor] to replace a [Kermode’s Tear]. Thanks as well to Samson in this comment for advising me to focus on stamina over armor, so I’ll be reequipping the [Roaring Horn] in my second trinket slot. I’m still trying for a [Battleaxe of the Eristars], however. As for KPL, the [Essence of Death] drought continues.

I tried entering KPL for a third run and WHAMMY:

Gen.Awesome after loads of KPL and no essences.

Gen.Awesome after loads of KPL and no essences.

And how you feel afterward.

And how you feel afterward.

GL put ETL essences on sale so I picked up two from Ubiquitous Nick. I already had another, so I crafted my epic chest for T1 4/6. Those bastards take a while to get, so I’ll be satisfied with myself if I can just earn two more the legit way.

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March 26, 2013 at 2:32 pm

ETL Guide

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  • March 26, 2013 at 2:49 PM PST: This is a standard method, not the only method. We’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff in ETL, such as no tank runs. I’ve also heard of 4 archer 4v4 runs.
  • March 26, 2013 at 2:47 PM PST: Just wanted to post some other guides that may or may not be more accurate. I especially like the point in the first guide about waiting to pray until the third harpie appears.


This article explains the standard method for completing ETL in my guild. Most of this information is tribal information from various guild members, mainly the player that I constantly refer to as Shadow in this blog. So thanks to him and everyone else, but don’t blame them if this information sucks because I probably missed some things from these intelligent individuals along the way.

Starting Out

Don’t autorun into the dungeon because you will die.

That said, ETL is a confusing dungeon but if you are geared well and know how things work, you can get by. For a clean run, everyone should be 4/6 or above (if not, run RKL, KPL, or run with friends who are “pro”–man I hate that term). Everyone needs to bring expensive and small health pots for emergencies. Additionally, mana suckers should bring a large supply of jugs. People that refuse to pot should be kicked from the group and replaced immediately–they are inexperienced and selfish, and their presence should disgust you.

The key is to operate as a team and never progress until everyone is ready. Tanks should always say something before pulling mobs, healers should always tell the tank to wait while prayer is on CD, and mana classes should bring plenty of pots and food for refilling along the way. Just be prepared and don’t be a stingy jerk.

Initial Pull

Between the starting point and 4v4, the tank usually pulls the mob on the left side to the mob under the apple tree. Judge your group before hand though. If you don’t feel comfortable pulling two mobs, like if the DPSes are weak and there isn’t a mage in the group to stun the mobs, just do one mob at a time. There is no shame in that and the run will probably be much faster without roundtrips to the graveyard!

In this first pull, the tank should avoid the patrolling group unless you guys are superheroes or have a really good mage in the group. Simply wait until the patrol walks passed the first group before pulling. At this point, the tank runs towards the group on the left, Swift Strikes them, and runs to the group under the apple tree (Keep Left). Tanks should save Counter Stance for when the mob starts to drift apart or if a mage stops barraging unexpectedly. The tank should also have Courage ready for emergencies, like when the healer screws up their prayer or if they disconnect (which happens way too often in this version of O&C). The DPS classes should wait until the mob is tightly collected before attacking. Rangers should fire Explosive Shot before Split Shot because Explosive Shot stuns and Split Shot might grab aggro. Mages should target an enemy in the last mob and cast any preparation spells before the other mob arrives. The first mob should run right into the Flame Storm or Permafrost, and then the mage can begin to Barrage away.

After this mob, run to 4v4 by staying left and avoiding mobs.

First Boss(es): 4v4

4v4 are super easy if your group has their sh!t together. If you don’t see the monk and tank when approaching the 4v4 battleground, go to the character select screen and login again, which resolves the bug. Hopefully GL will fix this in the upcoming update! As usual, everyone should communicate about the run, specifically picking who stuns the enemy healer first and deciding who will kite the enemy tank. I’ll elaborate on these issues shortly.

The tank starts things out by running towards the enemy tank and swift striking him. From that point until the enemy mage is dead, the tank runs clockwise around the outer circle (on the ground), spamming Rampart and potting or using Courage as necessary. During this time, the healer will stand in between the enemy healer and the closest point on the outer circle. While the tank is out of reach, they will heal themselves and the DPSes. As the tank runs by, healers should time their Ring of Healing so the tank passes through it. They should also cast a combination of Restore, Rapid Healing, or Divine Light on the tank before the tank is out of range. The DPSes need to attack the enemy monk first, alternating stuns whenever she lifts up her arm. Once the monk is dead, they should target the enemy mage and go to town. Rangers that spec’ed Cutthroat with silencing should use it.

Once the enemy mage is dead, one of the DPSes will kite the enemy tank on the opposite side of the arena. The kiting DPS should have pots ready because the healer will be busy with other things. The enemy tank is super slow so the kiting team member should use ranged attacks to keep him on their tail. They should run around the empty semi-circle, away from the team.

The enemy ranger is a tough cookie, but with good DPS you shouldn’t have any issues. She casts Martial Stance near the end of her life, so make sure to save gstance or courage+cstance for this point if your healer is weak. The other DPS should just blast away and the healer should just heal effectively.

Once the archer dies, the group will attack the enemy tank. His attacks are extremely predictable, so healing is pretty simple–but watch your mana! Ranged DPS should attack from a distance. If the enemy tank is hurting the melee DPS, the healer should be ready to cast Ring of Healing or Prayer as necessary. The team tank may want to run past the enemy tank and attack from there, so that the enemy tank is facing away from the rest of the team. This may reduce the damage inflicted on the melee DPSes in the group.

The In Between Mobs

After 4v4, proceed down the ramp and keep right. The mobs guarding the steps to the left are tough mofos so avoid them at all costs. Now the tank should pull two mobs at a time, using the same strategy as the initial pull. At the first intersection, hang right if you need the mob daily. If not, you can skip some of the mobs along the way. Just follow whoever knows what they are doing.

Oh no, The Purple Gas!

Before Khaphichelur, the “Dragon” and final boss, there is a hill with purple gas that will slow you down and drain your health. There is also a mob at the very top that is hard to target and difficult to destroy, so it is easier to pull the mob down. Usually teams will send a ranger up to pull the mob down since the ranger has Speed.

First the healer should cast restore on the chosen ranger. Next the ranger runs up the hill and casts Free Will when they are slowed. At the top, the ranger should run near the enemies to aggro them (do not attack because you do not want to aggro the Dragon), cast Speed, and run back down, potting if necessary in a health emergency. The healer should be waiting in the first patch of purple (it doesn’t hurt you) to heal the ranger as they run down. Finally the team should destroy that mob with fire and fervency.


Khaphichelur has four phases: a fire phase, an ice phase, an electric harpie phase, and a stunning (literally) thunder phase. The DPSes should go all out on all phases. Note: some people will tell you to kill the harpies, but that is not necessary. That may have mattered when it was easy to aggro the Dragon, but now the DPSes can hit as hard as they want to accelerate quickly through the phases. With adequate DPS, you should be able to make it through the harpie phase unscathed.

The team can start out anywhere on the outside of the platform. A lot of people run over to the light column behind the Dragon, but this is problematic for two reasons. First you can accidentally attack the Dragon when running by him. Additionally, the light column requires a newer device for smooth graphics; otherwise, video lag will get super intense in phase 3. My guild members stand in the open area to the left of the purple-gas hill and it’s way easier to get to. The light column used to help with the harpies (apparently) but I have been told that it does nothing now.

The first phase begins when the tank runs to Khaphichelur and Swift Strikes that fiery demon beast. The DPSes should pound the dragon hard (oh yeah) and the healer should stand within prayer distance of the tank and melee DPS, keeping everyone topped up. Once the Dragon looks like they are ready to pounce, cast Prayer. Khaphichelur will send repeated explosions in all directions and the team will usually wipe if the healer doesn’t pray in time. With good DPS, you should only see one of these AOEs. If you’re seeing three or more, your DPSes are probably too weak for ETL. On the second AOE, the healer’s prayer will be on cooldown so the tank has two choices: run back to the healer just before the Dragon casts the AOE (looks like he’s going to pounce) or cast gstance. It’s much better to do the first method because the harpie phase is way easier when you gstance is ready for action. On the third AOE, the healer might be able to pray again. If not, just run away when he’s about to pounce because your team’s low DPS will make things extremely difficult later on. On the fourth AOE, rage quit your team and scream in agony and defeat.

The second phase begins when things get cold and slow. To start things out, the tank will slowly pull the dragon back to your starting point. This position will help in the third phase because harpies will spawn further away from you. For the remainder of the second phase, just do what you normally do. The healer just needs to heal (save Prayer), the tank spams Swift Strike and Rampart, and the DPSes should hit hard.

The third phase is electric and terrifying. The DPSes and tank should continue their normal routine of attacking the Dragon, but the healer needs to mix things up a bit. When the harpies show up, the team’s health will deplete very quickly. When the healer first notices the harpies and the team’s rapidly decreasing health, throw down that Prayer, yo. The tank needs to be vigilant at this point because once the healer’s prayer stops, they should cast gstance. If gstance is on CD from the first phase, they should cast courage and cstance and start yelling at the DPSes to do their job. (JK! Don’t do that, please!) All team members should have a jumbo pot ready, and if their health falls below 15% or so, they should drink it. After praying, the healer should alternate Ring of Healing with either Rapid Heal or Divine Light on the team member with the lowest health. I sometimes cast Restore on the weaker team members here.

When the fourth phase begins, the harpies may still be floating around. DPSes can usually ignore them unless they linger for a while, in which case it is pretty easy to switch target and take them out. Usually if you’ve made it this far, your team is good to go. The healer just needs to watch their mana, the tank’s health, and their own health. They should have Free Will ready in case they get stunned and everyone’s health is low, at which point they should pray or heal accordingly. This is just straight healing with predictable but repeated stunning. Once the NPC appears and aggroes the Dragon, everyone can mellow out and boast about how awesome they are.

Finally, loot the boss to find everything you do not need. You should expect to see only a few [Essences of Eristar] in your life. GL is having a sale on them right now so you connect the dots.

I definitely do not want to spread misinformation so constructive comments and criticism are welcome!

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March 26, 2013 at 11:32 am

Gen.Awesome: Impasse and T1 Rune Gear

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After running RKL on repeat for weeks, I decided to purchase my tank shoulders–the final piece in my T1 set–for 15 runes. How could I see 10 or so essences drop but not a complete set of rune gear? Additionally, I lose my patience quickly with most RKL PUGs. I willingly endure their lack of skill as long as they are polite, but most people are not civil, especially in the dungeon that requires the least skill. I am done with RKL, except on the rare occasion where my guildmates want to run it or on days where I’ll need it for dailies.

Had a nice run a few days ago though:

Noob tank's RKL dream drops.

Noob tank’s RKL dream drops.

Onward to KPL and ETL where I need 2 [Essences of Death] and 5 [Essences of Eristar] to complete my epic T1 set. In addition to the essences, I need to replace my [Kermode’s Tears] and [Roaring Horn] with [Barstikar’s Honor] and an [Eristar’s Signet]. The signet is obviously less desirable, but it will take a while to acquire a [Fortitude Guardian’s Amulet]. While I’d rather not waste time on a [Power Arm Guard] when saving for T2 accessories, maybe I should anyway?

Lastly, I completed a no-tank, EHL run with Havoc, Watch_out, Far_bow, and my mage, and Nacher presented a lovely new [Impasse] shield in his chest. Havoc already had one, so I picked up the shield with Gen.Awesome to replace my less awesome [Incubus].

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March 25, 2013 at 9:38 am