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Gen.Awesome: First ETL, More KPL, and 2/6 so Kermode Can Suck It™

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Updated March 21 at 5:35 pm: Now with pictures!

With the right team, the skies are the limit. Even in crappy blue and green gear, I managed to tank ETL twice!

Gen.Awesome's first tanking of ETL.

Gen.Awesome’s first tanking of ETL.

Most of the credit goes to the most excellent Wαkko the mendel. Aside from the excellent healing, he taught me tactics like when to use guard stance and where to run in 4v4. My reward for the runs was an [Ultimate Armor Crossbow] and a [Handbook: Crazy Violent Killer’s Breastplate], the latter of which I will sell to cover the cost of crafting.

Crafting takes its toll.

Crafting takes its toll.

Additionally, my KPL game is improving. I’ve tanked it four or five times now and I’m starting to get comfortable. Yesterday I got lucky and scored a [Steel Shadow Breastplate], which replaces whatever crappy green gear I was wearing.

Of course the greatest news of all is that Gen.Awesome is now a master craftsman! I quickly converted my T1 helmet and shoes to Stable gear, sitting pretty now at 2/6 T1!

Gen.Awesome in T1 2/6. Let's eat some Cosmo kabobs.

Gen.Awesome in T1 2/6. Let’s eat some Cosmo kabobs.

Time to run KPL and ETL on autopilot until the update. Those ETL essences are a biatch to get though, so I’m guessing that level 61-70 green gear will arrive before 6/6.


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March 21, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Gen.Awesome: Level 52 and Intermediate Blacksmith

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With the next update due out in days or weeks, I’ve decided to power level Gen.Awesome before the level cap rises. I was having fun leveling him, but my patience ran out. Additionally, most of my O&C time is spent in dungeons, and it sucks when everyone needs a tank and I don’t have one. So in two days I powered the General to level 52.

Level 52 Accomplished! Only 8 to go.

Level 52 Accomplished! Only 8 to go.

Gen.Awesome is now an intermediate Blacksmith as well! Foundry is my first profession under the new system, which Gameloft obviously implemented to sell their 100-point books for real money. I was able to get to 55 business points from saved [Bronze Mineral], thanks very much to a guild member for the donations (name not mentioned to save you from anonymous leechers). I needed an additional 8-10 stacks of [Normal Armor Scraps] and about 50 stacks of [Bronze Mineral] to get to 100, which cost me around 250 gold. Afterward, I booked it to Greenmont to pick up the [Handbook: Intermediate Foundry].

I’m debating whether or not to level Gen.Awesome to 60 through desert and rift quests. He still has level 20 gear, so it would be nice to pick up some stuff. Shouldn’t take too long either when double potting [Saintly Blessing (Big)] and [Saintly Blessing (Small)]: many of those quests involve grinding creatures ad nauseum.

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March 11, 2013 at 10:37 am

Speedy Mage/Monk Tailoring Guide

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This post is way out of date. Gameloft changed the amount of materials needed for crafting. Sadly these numbers are significantly lower than the ones now. Of course, GL offers a way for you to buy master crafting now… (rolling eyes)

I published my Speedy Ranger Leatherworking Guide in January, outlining the fastest route from Primary to Master in the leather profession. This article is basically the same but for tailors. I didn’t write a script this time but I’m fairly certain that this is the best route.

Credit as usual goes to oac-head.com for their awesome, tailor profession table.

If you follow this guide, please comment to confirm that it is correct or to report any errors.






Nice work, hot shot.

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June 24, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Doc.Awesome: 60, Master Tailor, Donations, and First RKL Attempt

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First of all, I am level 60 on Doc.Awesome, which is… well… incredibly awesome. Getting to 60 after that last post was very difficult </sarcastic>. Yada yada, who cares, blah blah.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

600 gold later, Doc is also a master tailor! I’ll post another speedy crafting guide soon, but bottom line is that leveling tailoring is usually the fastest when crafting gloves. After achieving master, I made a [Reinforced Conciliation Magecloth Robe] for the Doc.

I also received some very generous gifts and had some fine luck. A fellow guildie made a few extremely generous donations: 5 epic rune-gear recipes (!!!), a [Holy Healing Cloak], a [Mace of Thistlevillus Flamen], and a [Benevolence Ring]! I also won the First (not Grand) Prize in the Wikia OAC Giveaway of 30 runes! To celebrate, I decided to kick start my dungeon attempts by purchasing [Essence of Swamp] for 9 runes. That allowed me to craft the [Shoes of Devout Healer of God].

And so the equipment log begins:

Hood: [Healer of God’s Hood]
Shoulders: [Healer of God’s Shoulderpads]
Chest: [Reinforced Conciliation Magecloth Robe]
Gloves: [Healer of God’s Handguards]
Legs: [Healer of God’s Legguards]
Boots: [Shoes of Devout Healer of God]
Cloak: [Holy Healing Cloak]
Necklace: [Shadewood Pendant]
Trinkets: [Ancient Soul of the Dragons], (No Second Trinket!)
Rings: [Benevolence Ring], [Benevolence Ring]
Weapons: [Mace of Thistlevillus Flamen], [Mace of Thistlevillus Flamen]

Yesterday I ran RKL for the first time with fellow guildies LiMuBai, Sporc, and Eldesta. It went better than expected as my expectations were very low. We finished relatively fast without any full team wipes, but I let our Archer, Eldesta, die twice. LiMuBai is a mili with rez, so he was able to revive El both times, allowing me to focus on healing Sporc. Raj dropped an [Eye Of The Head], which was kinda cool I guess. It definitely helped to run with pros on Doc’s first legendary dungeon.

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June 20, 2012 at 4:42 pm