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Our Guild’s “Wanted Items” Glassboard

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Rather than merching chest items or selling them in shady global ads, my guild started a “Wanted Items” Glassboard for charity giving within the guild. In just a few days I’ve managed to score a [Nightmare] for Mage.Awesome, an [Ancient Envoy’s Necklace] and a [Life-Drain Battleaxe] for Gen.Awesome, and a [Moon’s Dignity] for Col.Awesome. Thanks especially to Mem who was there for each of these, as well as all of the other guildies who helped save these items for me!

This replaces my Dark Assassin necklace. Still saving souls until after the update.

This replaces my Dark Assassin necklace. Still saving souls until after the update.

Quick communication is necessary when holding items, unless you like keeping your guildies waiting around Nacher or Zargis for an hour. I’ve found that iMessage is super convenient for getting in touch with people quickly. If you prefer to remain anonymous, iMessage allows users to attach multiple email addresses to their account, such as an O&C only address.

Here is Col.Awesome’s current equipment with the new necklace. I’ll update Gen.Awesome in a new post:

Helm: [Unfeeling Sneak Charger’s Helmet]
Shoulders: [Keen Track Killer’s Shoulderpads]
Chest Plate: [Reinforced Stealth Hunter’s Coat]
Gloves: [Keen Track Killer’s Gloves]
Legs: [Keen Track Killer’s Legguards]
Boots: [Unfeeling Sneak Charger’s Boots]
Cloak: [Angel Wings Cloak]
Necklace: [Moon’s Dignity]
Trinkets: [Rune’s Fingerstall], [Anata’s View]
Rings: [Nacher’s Soul Ring], [Nacher’s Soul Ring]
Ranged Weapon: [Blood Sacrifice]
Melee Weapons: [Dark Believers Blade], [Dark Believers Blade]

Alternative Items:
[Sunsaya Crossbow]
[Dark Assassin Ring]
[Cerulean Gem Ring]
[Robust Brand]
[Dark Assassin Necklace]
[Power Infusion Necklace]
[Hidden Cloak]
[Keen Track Killer’s Helmet]
[Keen Track Killer’s Boots]

PVP Items
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Cloak]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Ring]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Necklace]


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March 29, 2013 at 9:23 am

Col.Awesome’s New Spec and Gear

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I have refined my dungeon build for Col.Awesome to this (http://oac-head.com/calc/ios-ranger/2721/):

Col.Awesome's current dungeon build.

Col.Awesome’s current dungeon build.

I have dumped Acute Toxicity because of the effect that Paralyzing poison has on boss spell casting (or so people say). I was applying Acute to my secondary dagger, but I rarely actually hit bosses with my secondary dagger. My goal is to be effective against bosses with this build, and the skill point is better spent elsewhere in my opinion since you can’t apply two poisons to a single bow. I have considered allocating two sidebar slots for both of my Sunsayas and then applying Acute to one and Paralyzing to the other, but then I lose two slots on the spell bar. That also seems like overkill, no pun intended.

I also dumped Weighted Arrows because it does not stun bosses, and mobs are not a problem anymore in dungeons. It would be useful in PVP, but I am focusing on dungeons with this build.

I left one point off of Barrage because I rarely need to hit more than four enemies with a single Split Shot.

Explosive Shot’s upgrade, High Explosive, is only useful against mobs since you would only expect crits from it if you are hitting lots of enemies. Explosive Shot is useful for interrupting and stunning, but it’s very expensive for it’s damage output so I never use against bosses. Mobs are not a problem anymore in dungeons either. I decided not to allocate points to it. You can see my dated but detailed analysis of Explosive Shot here.

Escape’s upgrade, Rapid Steps, may be useful against Nachir (post kneeling) and Wethvive, so I have put points in that for the extra dodge chance. Rapid Steps is/are useful for team wipes, mobs when I pull aggro, and the Shadow Warriors daily. So I’ve gone full blast with it, which requires the maxing out of Apnea.

Additionally, I have been trying to maximize DPS by refining my skill rotation against bosses. I generally start with Avulsion Shot, Snipe, move to reset Guerrilla, Shooter Stance, and Rapid Shot while it’s active. Towards the end of Shooter Stance, I stop all Rapid Shots and wait for vigor to build. When Shooter Stance ends, I move for Guerrilla, Snipe, move for Guerrilla, and start Shooter Stance as soon as I can. After that I mix in Avulsion Shots and Split Shots into the Shooter Stance when possible. I never Snipe during Shooter Stance since I think that it stops all normal shooting during Snipe’s long cast time. Split Shot seems to as well, but it only requires a short cast time for a very heavy blow.

Here is Col.Awesome’s latest equipment chart. Note that I have not equipped any T2 drops since I have not upgraded them. I also swapped my T1 archer helmet and boots for T1 sin gear for an extra bit of RAP and crit.

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February 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm

I n f i n i t y

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I.Da.Ho from I n f i n i t y responded to my rant about poaching, and his post made me realize that I was a bit out of line. Publicly shaming an entire guild over a minor recruiting issue was an overreaction, to put it mildly.

So I’ve removed that post and we’ve worked out the issue civilly.



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July 26, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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Dungeon Etiquette: The Rules of the Road

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Ever been surfing? Dropping in on somebody else’s wave (i.e. being a noob) is grounds for retaliation and depending on the spot, you’d be lucky to escape with a few cuss words spat in your direction. Kooking out on another surfer’s wave will sometimes result in a board in your back, a heavy dose of salt water in your face, or a knuckle sandwich to wash it all down.

Like surfing, dungeons are all about respect and fairness.

Like surfing, dungeons are all about respect and fairness.

Dungeons in Order and Chaos are no different. While spearing a jerk in the back with a surfboard is impossible through our mobile displays, we are forced to get creative with our verbal assaults. Extra points are given to those who possess the verbal finesse to do it without prejudice, racial slurs, or cuss words. Unfortunately, your insults will rarely hit home and make a difference, regardless of your verbal prowess.

This post mainly addresses pickup groups (PUGs), which are rarely a good experience and usually waste what little time I have to play this game. For example, I recently spent over an hour in RKL. First our mage lagged out after complaining about his consistently bad Internet connection. We found another DPS, but our healer bitched constantly about other people potentially stealing his claw (yes, he was a healer not a mili). Next our tank almost died on Kermode, went agro on the healer for talking instead of healing, and our healer quit the team. The tank decided to leave after that, and the DPS warrior and I were unable to clear the next phase of enemies resulting in the NPC’s death– I had to start over. My next group included the previous healer and two other guys. The healer wasn’t the team lead this time, so his wariness about other people rolling on “his” claw increased tenfold. Before Kermode, the healer demanded that we state what we need in chat, but the tank didn’t respond. The healer then announced that we should roll on all other gear. Kermode dropped some DPS warrior gear that the healer and tank rolled on it. The tank yelled at the healer about it, saying that he was only running for his secondary DPS set. Finally we finished and Raj dropped an essence that I could have used for my assassin set. After asking if anyone else needed it, the tank rolled and quit the team and I got no other response. I just passed on it, said thanks, and quit. What a miserable dungeon experience.

Something needs to be said for basic dungeon etiquette in this game. Please follow these rules:

  1. Do not begin a dungeon run if you are in doubt about your internet connection.
  2. Do not begin a dungeon run if you do not have enough time to complete it.
  3. Do not quit until all bosses are dead.
  4. Do not loot bosses until the healer rezzes all dead players.
  5. Be patient. The game crashes on occasion, people run out of battery, and sometimes people have temporary Internet issues. If you are rushed, you should not be in the dungeon.
  6. Check your battery before starting a dungeon. Yes, I know, it happens to the best of us 😉
  7. Be honest about your skill level. Learn with a guild before PUGing it.
  8. Buy rune armor or get it on guild runs, not PUGs. PUGs require well equipped players to be successful and that includes rune armor.
  9. Do not enter more advanced dungeons until you have the previous dungeon’s gear. There are a few exceptions to this, such as running 4v4 before KPL. An example of breaking this rule is running KPL without getting three essences from RKL and upgrading your armor.
  10. Do not talk during boss fights unless you do not need to move or cast spells. Acceptable times for boss discussion are rare, such as being a monk while praying or being a DPS while waiting for the tank’s morale to rise (i.e. the beginning of boss battles or dispelling agro from your player).
  11. Only roll on items for your class. Do not roll on anything that is a primary item for another class unless the appropriate teammates say that it is ok. For example, a warrior should not roll on the [Sunsaya Crossbow] unless the ranger says that it is ok. No response from the appropriate teammate does not mean that you should roll.
  12. State what you need from the dungeon before starting. Phrase it in a non-demanding way, such as “Just wanted to mention that I need x, y, and z. Thanks!”
  13. Do not ask twice for drops after another player says that they need the item(s) as well. Just roll and do not be greedy.
  14. Do not tell players how to play unless they ask.
  15. When in doubt, do not roll.
  16. Be friendly. Say hello when joining the group and thanks to the other players when finished, regardless of the outcome. Congratulate people when they get something that they need.
  17. If you are an asshole, quit the game and GFY. Seriously. I’m so sick of you self-important people and would rather you didn’t exist to begin with. You may hate your life, but you don’t have to ruin life for the rest of us as well.
  18. From comment by Soul: Roll only on epic recipes for the class that your are currently playing. Unless the person in your team doesn’t need it for their toon… please don’t roll just because you have another toon that needs it. Secondly… If the person doesn’t need it that said person should say so… so that everyone in team has a chance of rolling. We all know how much those epic ETL recipes are worth… and we all need the money.

Anything to add? Please comment below.

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July 17, 2012 at 4:40 pm