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ETL Guide

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  • March 26, 2013 at 2:49 PM PST: This is a standard method, not the only method. We’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff in ETL, such as no tank runs. I’ve also heard of 4 archer 4v4 runs.
  • March 26, 2013 at 2:47 PM PST: Just wanted to post some other guides that may or may not be more accurate. I especially like the point in the first guide about waiting to pray until the third harpie appears.


This article explains the standard method for completing ETL in my guild. Most of this information is tribal information from various guild members, mainly the player that I constantly refer to as Shadow in this blog. So thanks to him and everyone else, but don’t blame them if this information sucks because I probably missed some things from these intelligent individuals along the way.

Starting Out

Don’t autorun into the dungeon because you will die.

That said, ETL is a confusing dungeon but if you are geared well and know how things work, you can get by. For a clean run, everyone should be 4/6 or above (if not, run RKL, KPL, or run with friends who are “pro”–man I hate that term). Everyone needs to bring expensive and small health pots for emergencies. Additionally, mana suckers should bring a large supply of jugs. People that refuse to pot should be kicked from the group and replaced immediately–they are inexperienced and selfish, and their presence should disgust you.

The key is to operate as a team and never progress until everyone is ready. Tanks should always say something before pulling mobs, healers should always tell the tank to wait while prayer is on CD, and mana classes should bring plenty of pots and food for refilling along the way. Just be prepared and don’t be a stingy jerk.

Initial Pull

Between the starting point and 4v4, the tank usually pulls the mob on the left side to the mob under the apple tree. Judge your group before hand though. If you don’t feel comfortable pulling two mobs, like if the DPSes are weak and there isn’t a mage in the group to stun the mobs, just do one mob at a time. There is no shame in that and the run will probably be much faster without roundtrips to the graveyard!

In this first pull, the tank should avoid the patrolling group unless you guys are superheroes or have a really good mage in the group. Simply wait until the patrol walks passed the first group before pulling. At this point, the tank runs towards the group on the left, Swift Strikes them, and runs to the group under the apple tree (Keep Left). Tanks should save Counter Stance for when the mob starts to drift apart or if a mage stops barraging unexpectedly. The tank should also have Courage ready for emergencies, like when the healer screws up their prayer or if they disconnect (which happens way too often in this version of O&C). The DPS classes should wait until the mob is tightly collected before attacking. Rangers should fire Explosive Shot before Split Shot because Explosive Shot stuns and Split Shot might grab aggro. Mages should target an enemy in the last mob and cast any preparation spells before the other mob arrives. The first mob should run right into the Flame Storm or Permafrost, and then the mage can begin to Barrage away.

After this mob, run to 4v4 by staying left and avoiding mobs.

First Boss(es): 4v4

4v4 are super easy if your group has their sh!t together. If you don’t see the monk and tank when approaching the 4v4 battleground, go to the character select screen and login again, which resolves the bug. Hopefully GL will fix this in the upcoming update! As usual, everyone should communicate about the run, specifically picking who stuns the enemy healer first and deciding who will kite the enemy tank. I’ll elaborate on these issues shortly.

The tank starts things out by running towards the enemy tank and swift striking him. From that point until the enemy mage is dead, the tank runs clockwise around the outer circle (on the ground), spamming Rampart and potting or using Courage as necessary. During this time, the healer will stand in between the enemy healer and the closest point on the outer circle. While the tank is out of reach, they will heal themselves and the DPSes. As the tank runs by, healers should time their Ring of Healing so the tank passes through it. They should also cast a combination of Restore, Rapid Healing, or Divine Light on the tank before the tank is out of range. The DPSes need to attack the enemy monk first, alternating stuns whenever she lifts up her arm. Once the monk is dead, they should target the enemy mage and go to town. Rangers that spec’ed Cutthroat with silencing should use it.

Once the enemy mage is dead, one of the DPSes will kite the enemy tank on the opposite side of the arena. The kiting DPS should have pots ready because the healer will be busy with other things. The enemy tank is super slow so the kiting team member should use ranged attacks to keep him on their tail. They should run around the empty semi-circle, away from the team.

The enemy ranger is a tough cookie, but with good DPS you shouldn’t have any issues. She casts Martial Stance near the end of her life, so make sure to save gstance or courage+cstance for this point if your healer is weak. The other DPS should just blast away and the healer should just heal effectively.

Once the archer dies, the group will attack the enemy tank. His attacks are extremely predictable, so healing is pretty simple–but watch your mana! Ranged DPS should attack from a distance. If the enemy tank is hurting the melee DPS, the healer should be ready to cast Ring of Healing or Prayer as necessary. The team tank may want to run past the enemy tank and attack from there, so that the enemy tank is facing away from the rest of the team. This may reduce the damage inflicted on the melee DPSes in the group.

The In Between Mobs

After 4v4, proceed down the ramp and keep right. The mobs guarding the steps to the left are tough mofos so avoid them at all costs. Now the tank should pull two mobs at a time, using the same strategy as the initial pull. At the first intersection, hang right if you need the mob daily. If not, you can skip some of the mobs along the way. Just follow whoever knows what they are doing.

Oh no, The Purple Gas!

Before Khaphichelur, the “Dragon” and final boss, there is a hill with purple gas that will slow you down and drain your health. There is also a mob at the very top that is hard to target and difficult to destroy, so it is easier to pull the mob down. Usually teams will send a ranger up to pull the mob down since the ranger has Speed.

First the healer should cast restore on the chosen ranger. Next the ranger runs up the hill and casts Free Will when they are slowed. At the top, the ranger should run near the enemies to aggro them (do not attack because you do not want to aggro the Dragon), cast Speed, and run back down, potting if necessary in a health emergency. The healer should be waiting in the first patch of purple (it doesn’t hurt you) to heal the ranger as they run down. Finally the team should destroy that mob with fire and fervency.


Khaphichelur has four phases: a fire phase, an ice phase, an electric harpie phase, and a stunning (literally) thunder phase. The DPSes should go all out on all phases. Note: some people will tell you to kill the harpies, but that is not necessary. That may have mattered when it was easy to aggro the Dragon, but now the DPSes can hit as hard as they want to accelerate quickly through the phases. With adequate DPS, you should be able to make it through the harpie phase unscathed.

The team can start out anywhere on the outside of the platform. A lot of people run over to the light column behind the Dragon, but this is problematic for two reasons. First you can accidentally attack the Dragon when running by him. Additionally, the light column requires a newer device for smooth graphics; otherwise, video lag will get super intense in phase 3. My guild members stand in the open area to the left of the purple-gas hill and it’s way easier to get to. The light column used to help with the harpies (apparently) but I have been told that it does nothing now.

The first phase begins when the tank runs to Khaphichelur and Swift Strikes that fiery demon beast. The DPSes should pound the dragon hard (oh yeah) and the healer should stand within prayer distance of the tank and melee DPS, keeping everyone topped up. Once the Dragon looks like they are ready to pounce, cast Prayer. Khaphichelur will send repeated explosions in all directions and the team will usually wipe if the healer doesn’t pray in time. With good DPS, you should only see one of these AOEs. If you’re seeing three or more, your DPSes are probably too weak for ETL. On the second AOE, the healer’s prayer will be on cooldown so the tank has two choices: run back to the healer just before the Dragon casts the AOE (looks like he’s going to pounce) or cast gstance. It’s much better to do the first method because the harpie phase is way easier when you gstance is ready for action. On the third AOE, the healer might be able to pray again. If not, just run away when he’s about to pounce because your team’s low DPS will make things extremely difficult later on. On the fourth AOE, rage quit your team and scream in agony and defeat.

The second phase begins when things get cold and slow. To start things out, the tank will slowly pull the dragon back to your starting point. This position will help in the third phase because harpies will spawn further away from you. For the remainder of the second phase, just do what you normally do. The healer just needs to heal (save Prayer), the tank spams Swift Strike and Rampart, and the DPSes should hit hard.

The third phase is electric and terrifying. The DPSes and tank should continue their normal routine of attacking the Dragon, but the healer needs to mix things up a bit. When the harpies show up, the team’s health will deplete very quickly. When the healer first notices the harpies and the team’s rapidly decreasing health, throw down that Prayer, yo. The tank needs to be vigilant at this point because once the healer’s prayer stops, they should cast gstance. If gstance is on CD from the first phase, they should cast courage and cstance and start yelling at the DPSes to do their job. (JK! Don’t do that, please!) All team members should have a jumbo pot ready, and if their health falls below 15% or so, they should drink it. After praying, the healer should alternate Ring of Healing with either Rapid Heal or Divine Light on the team member with the lowest health. I sometimes cast Restore on the weaker team members here.

When the fourth phase begins, the harpies may still be floating around. DPSes can usually ignore them unless they linger for a while, in which case it is pretty easy to switch target and take them out. Usually if you’ve made it this far, your team is good to go. The healer just needs to watch their mana, the tank’s health, and their own health. They should have Free Will ready in case they get stunned and everyone’s health is low, at which point they should pray or heal accordingly. This is just straight healing with predictable but repeated stunning. Once the NPC appears and aggroes the Dragon, everyone can mellow out and boast about how awesome they are.

Finally, loot the boss to find everything you do not need. You should expect to see only a few [Essences of Eristar] in your life. GL is having a sale on them right now so you connect the dots.

I definitely do not want to spread misinformation so constructive comments and criticism are welcome!


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The Life of the Monk by Entity

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I read this post on the forums and thought that it was totally worth reposting to this blog. Thanks to Entity the author for posting it.

The Life of the Monk

by Entity
Posted on March 20, 2013 around 2:00 pm PST

I think it is known that being a monk is the most demanding, complex, and hardest job in the entire game to perform. As you get better, your job gets harder, people demand more, and push your way to perfection (so you think). We are one of the most valuable classes that is needed for any dungeon run, but yet we aren’t shown appreciation.

I am writing this to inform the OaC community of what the typical monk goes through while running dungeons.

It takes a lot of skill to do what a monk does. When I say skill I mean we have to be precise in our timings, we need to watch not only the field, but also players health, our cooldowns, as well as any other variables. We are always at work during a dungeon. No matter how high of gear we have or how pro our group might be, it doesn’t change the fact that we still have the most work to perform on the field. People often think that all monks should be healing 5000 or more and that our pray has a cooldown of 3 seconds. Mages always feel entitled to our divine breath, no one wants to fall below 90% health during a bosses special move, no one wants to pot because the monks only job is to keep only them alive and everyone else in the group doesn’t matter. Well let me fill you in, none of that is true and if you think that, it must be because you’re walking around failing at life and need someone else to compensate your failures for you and only psychologist understand you!

Now, what most people don’t understand is that there is a luck factor in this game. No matter how predictable the bosses moves may be, there is still a chance that he might target someone else the second time around or might land a lucky crit. Things like this has to be taken into consideration of the monk. If not, things tend to get messy and blame is usually thrown (usually at the monk).

Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Usually a pro monk has about 6.5k hp and 10k mana. They crit often so rapid can be 1.8k, divine light at about 4.5k, ring about 1.6k, and pray about 1.6k as well.

Based on these stats lets run through some bosses at gsl, spl, and ehl.


Titehelm: Because most people are impatient and just want to get this fight over with, most groups tend to ignore the little exploding scorpions. The monk will make up for the damage lost. Now this puts the monk in an tight position because not only does the monk have to do more casting, but they have to do it while being lucky not to get stunned. Now, it very possible to heal this boss with ease, but lets say two scorpions atk two players, you are trying to use roh and get stunned. Now you are rage pressing the the button for when you aren’t silenced. It happens again and hits you. Now you try to pray. Guess what, in the middle of pray you get stunned and a scorpion atks again. You die. Dps: “Wtf monk!” Monk: “I was clearly silenced. Do you think I would just stand there and watch your health go down without trying to heal you?” Dps: “Noob I can easily heal this if I had a monk” Monk: “I’m sure your brain would be proud. Did it ever occur to you that maybe if you killed the scorpions, we may not have wiped?”

Anata: This fight is all about luck if you ask me. You might know the pattern of his atks, but you will never know the timing. I’m speaking of the poison blast. Now lets get back to luck. When the vines atk they leave little poison counters on you that can stack up to 50. They do 60 damage every three seconds, but that’s not the hard part. The fight usually picks up when the vines pops up. They usually get a hit or two off and leaves a counter on someone. They are followed by the illusions and sometimes during this phrase you cast pray because of the blast. Well if you wait too long, Anata may cast the blast during the illusion and because of those counters, the damage is multiplied leaving the team in critical condition. If you cast it too early (say when the illusions first come out), he might not use it until right before the next vine comes up, leaving the team in critical condition again.

Now I once had a team that didn’t really believe in going all out on the vines and we ended up having about 10 counters. I managed to carry this “pro” team knowing we had 10 counters. I spammed pots just to make sure they were topped off. The vines came, then the illusions (vine is still up and slowly dying), I cast pray (hoping for the best), then during pray the poison blast. During my pray, that blast did about 6k worth of damage. I got the blame for everyone wiping when yet I did everything right and quite frankly most monks would have wiped a long time ago. I even told them what more could I have done? I was using pray! they were baffled as if I was going to pull a some new miracle move.


Crethiyum: This is another fight that most people tend to think the monk is invincible. Well, if the monk gets hit with a spear and runs like a snail and can’t make it to the orb, how is that the monks fault? Do you continue to run at full speed when hit?


This is the one that I would like to talk about the most. This is where people are the most ignorant about a monks abilities and capabilities. This is not an easy dungeon to heal at any level. There are too many possibilities to be silenced or put to sleep. I’m just going to jump right into this one.

Healique: I don’t know about you, but a silenced monk, is a a dead monk. Just look at pvp. This boss constantly spams his silence move and you try to time your free will just right so that when he blasts the team, the monk is ready with a pray. That’s not always the case, it’s very possible to get silenced right after free will. It’s also possible to get silenced several times in a row before the team even makes it to the blast. Dps: “wtf, monk. Pray” Monk: “I was praying. Praying that you stfu. I was silenced, otherwise we wouldn’t be here”.

Wethvive: This is not an hard fight. As long as the monk moves and heals, it’s a cakewalk

Nacher: ….just sit there and think about this fight for a monk. Take a minute and really just think. Okay, you still there, great. The twist in turns of this fight, makes this fight even a challenge for the best of them. I’ll walk you through it.

The beginning of the fight is simple. Avoid circles, spam roh, restore, rapid. The only problem with this is you’re running like you’re crazy. He constently steals 1600 hp from you (as a monk you don’t have much to begin with), seems like you always have to avoid a circle when you are casting a spell, keeping an eye on your health, others health, you’re mana consumption, and everything nacher is saying so you can plan accordingly. So you make it out of the first stage.

Onto the second, the boss summon. Completely random which boss spawns. If it’s cosmo, you have to spam roh while avoiding circles, sleep, and losing 1600 hp often. If it’s rahj then you have to just avoid circles as there will be two circles most of the time (but I must say this is the easiest one). Khap…..Honestly Khap is too big to even be there. His shadow covers everything from here to Barbados and you can never see a circle or your teammates. Best of luck to you. Lastly, Zargis. You might as well fight the real thing. I swear he has so much hp that I’m sure I could get in two prayers if I timed it right (just kidding, but he takes the longest to take down). While you try to take him down you are still at the mercy of Nacher and his randomly selected atks.

Last stage, is when he stands up. Now I’ve heard many monks have died here. We pray, the dps sucks, it’s our fault still. We pray and he puts us to sleep, it’s still our fault. There is nothing that can be done at that point. It’s no ones fault, but the blame needs to put somewhere.

Bottom line

Monks get treated like crap for things we can’t control. We are expected to be this godsend class that’s invincible. That’s not the case. Do we make mistakes, yes, but is every mistake our fault, no. Dps is a dime a dozen and yet they tend to walk away scratch free. You can’t be lazy when playing a monk. You can’t cut corners like you can with other classes. Monks are the backbone to any successful team and shouldn’t be taken for granted because a lot of monk ignore people when they treat them like that and refuse to group with them. Besides, you are probably not the only person that I would’ve grouped with. We usually have choices, if geared.

The last thing I would like to discuss is why does the monk have to run back and res everyone? How productive is that? How about everyone res and we can discuss what happened on the way back instead of thinking the monk should be the only one to make that run. If the monk messes up, fine, but after every wipe….f that.

Follow Up

How to make dungeon running easier?

When i do walkthroughs, I make sure that everyone in the group knows how to handle pug teams and how to navigate them. Here are a few things that i teach them.

1) The tank and monk should always be on the same page. The two classes build the defensive aspect of the team and, unless they are on the same page, the team will wipe and the run will be stressful. If you are a pro monk, try to understand how a tank operates. You should know what counter stance and guard stance look like. For counter, you should be healing the tank non stop as the tank will pull aggro. For g stance you should use rapid and divine as using pray may be a waste as it has a similar defensive effect as g stance.

2)know your team’s capabilities. If you see that you are running with a less than stellar (not fully pro team), limit the amount of mobs you pull so you team can manage.

3) Don’t assume that all classes have the same build. This goes for all class. If it is important that you group with a mage that has barrage or a certain permafrost skills, ask them before you start running. Better to ask beforehand then wait till its too late and ruining team moral. Same goes for rangers and paralyzing and toxic or millis with res.

4) get to know your monk. As a tank, ask your monk what they’re comfortable with. Make sure they can manage pulling 40 mobs before you just charge in. I can’t stress how many monks have told me they have wiped on ehl mobs because the tanked pulled all mobs and expected them to know what to do. A monk can be your greatest ally or your greatest foe.

5) Be patient. Everyone has their own style of playing. They may have the same exact build as other classes, but they may put their own spin on things. So if in a pug, don’t be quick to throw someone away simply because you don’t understand how they play. Thats why you should take a few minutes to ask.

6) Don’t be a second rank monk. What i mean by this is you chose to be your class. If its not a monk then stfu about anything having to do with being a monk. It is not your place to be a second rank monk and dictate what they should do because, as stated before, we are in a league of our own and if you are doing our job, there is no way you are doing yours. If you group with a 6/6 class, expect them to know their job and to do their job. If a class tell me what to do, i will purposely go out of my way and tell them how to do theirs. I will make sure they when you use c stance, snipe, or smoke bomb and I won’t care if I’m way off with my timing because most likely you are way off with yours. So my advice to you is if you want to command a monk, go to create a character and make one.

7) Dps doesn’t have a say in what the defensive side does. Don’t rush them as they are the only thing keeping you from the graveyard. That being said, defensive players don’t have a say so in the dps motives either. There are ways to work as a team without stepping on toes.

8.) This point will lead into the last two. Before running a dungeon, ask your team the following:

Is this anyone’s first time?

What parts do you struggle at?

How experienced are you at this dungeon?

Are you looking for any drops?

What build are you and/or did you spec in xyz moves?

By not asking these questions, you are setting yourself up for failure in most circumstances. By knowing your team, you are effectively a better player and easier to get along with. Also, you cannot complain about anything (wipes, personal faults, deaths, fighting over items, or a person losing signal). Spending 2 minutes at the beginning of the dungeon can save you 20 minutes later on in the dungeon. You have been warned.

9) don’t cry over drops. We are not mind readers. If you are looking for a drop, discuss it at the beginning not when it drops because everyone will plead their case in a haste and rushed fashion. Also, if you are 6/6 and an item drop that everyone knows that you clearly won’t use, don’t cry if another class rolls for it. I can’t stress how often i see a tank cry just because a ranger rolled on blue shoulder pads that aren’t part of a set and has dropped several times before. You are not entitled to every tank drop just because you are a tank. Other classes can use the loot too.

10) Have fun. This is a MMO meaning you will meet other players regardless of your motives. That being said, don’t think of talking to your team at the beginning of the dungeon as a chore, but more as a way to get the most out of what you paid for. Most of the time, you might meet someone that you can relate too, someone who you can run with in the future. Not only that, but it makes your runs more enjoyable and make farming dungeons less boring. Lastly, this allows you to fill your friendlist with those you like to run with and those you don’t meaning you can now organize pugs a lot more efficient.

Bonus) don’t assume every player you meet is a guy. Girls play this game too. I usually bite people heads off for making that mistake. The way that I avoid that mistake is I address you how i see your character. If you are a guy playing with a girl avatar don’t get offended when I refer to you as she/her/girl/sis. That is a personal choice that you decided to make when you clicked select gender at the beginning of you game. If you are a paying as a guy I will address you as one.

Thank you for reading and I hope that we can start to orchestrate more positive pugs and better experiences for all class.

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Archer Skills Per Rank

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This table shows Archer skills by rank. I wanted to find vigor savings but ended up with practically nothing. It’s nice data for Archers that are leveling though.

Talent Rank Vigor Dist Cast CD Description
Rapid Shot 11 30 25 0.5 3 Rapidly shoots your target with your ranged weapon and deals an additional 110 physical damage. If you use this skill in sneak mode, the skill will also stun the target for 3 sec.
Pin Feet 1 40 25 0 15 Shoots the target’s feet and deals 50% weapon damage. The target cannot move for 3 sec.
2 50 25 0 10 Diff: 55%
3 50 25 0 10 Diff: 60%
4 50 25 0 10 Diff: 65%
5 50 25 0 10 Diff: 70%
6 50 25 0 10 Diff: 75%
Paralyzing Toxicity 1 20 N/A 2 1 Preparation skill. Applies paralyzing poison on a weapon for 30 minutes. The poisonous weapon has a 20% chance to slow target by 60%, also decreases the hit chance of spells by 30% for 10 sec. The spell cannot be cast in combat and a weapon can only keep one poisonous effect at a time.
Split Shot 1 60 25 0.5 6 Shoots an enemy and an additional nearby target at the same time. Deals 150% weapon damage to each enemy.
2 60 25 0.5 6 Diff: 160%
3 60 25 0.5 6 Diff: 170%
4 60 25 0.5 6 Diff: 180%
5 60 25 0.5 6 Diff: 190%
6 60 25 0.5 6 Diff: 200%
Shooter Stance 1 40 N/A 0 15 Stance skill. Your ranged attack speed increases by 50%. Lasts for 5 sec. or until you begin to move.
2 40 N/A 0 15 Diff: 60%
3 40 N/A 0 15 Diff: 70%
4 40 N/A 0 15 Diff: 100%
Avulsion Shot 1 50 25 0 20 Instantly shoots the target and causes bleeding. Deals 50% weapon damage and 500 bleeding damage for 10 sec. Any target that moves in this condition will take an additional 50% bleeding damage.
2 50 25 0 20 Diff: 700 bleeding damage for 10 sec.
3 50 25 0 20 Diff: 800 bleeding damage for 10 sec.
4 50 25 0 20 Diff: 1000 bleeding damage for 10 sec.
Explosive Shot 1 60 25 0.5 10 Shoots an explosive arrow, stunning the target for 2 sec and dealing 325 to 450 fire damage to enemies within 3 meters.
2 60 25 0.5 10 Diff: 375 to 500 fire damage.
3 60 25 0.5 10 Diff: 425 to 550 fire damage.
4 60 25 0.5 10 Diff: 525 to 650 fire damage.
Snipe 1 60 25 2 10 Deals 200% weapon damage and 200 additional damage with 25% chance to score a critical hit. Require time to aim.
2 60 25 2 10 Diff: 225% and 225 additional damage.
3 60 25 2 10 Diff: 250% and 250 additional damage.
Sneak 4 15 N/A 0 25 When in sneak mode, you cannot be detected by enemies, but your speed is reduced by 30% for 25 sec. Sneak mode will cease when you attack, use skills or take any damage from enemies. You cannot use the skill during combat.
Shadow Strike 9 25 N/A 0 2 Instantly strikes your target with your main-hand weapon and deals 110% weapon damage and 110 additional damage. If you use this skill in sneak mode, the skill will also stun the target for 4 sec.
Escape 1 30 N/A 0 45 Increases your movement speed by 50% for 10 sec.
2 30 N/A 0 45 Diff: 55%
3 30 N/A 0 45 Diff: 60%
4 30 N/A 0 45 Diff: 65%
5 30 N/A 0 45 Diff: 70%
6 30 N/A 0 45 Diff: 75%
Cutthroat 1 20 N/A 0 15 Lacerates target’s throat and cause a bleeding condition. Interrupts casting spells and deals 50 damage over 10 sec.
2 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 70 damage
3 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 100 damage
4 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 140 damage
5 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 200 damage
6 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 280 damage
7 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 380 damage
8 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 500 damage
9 20 N/A 0 15 Diff: 620 damage

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Mage Spells Per Rank with Extra Statistics

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Disclaimer: this post has no conclusions, just numbers.

I ran ETL with Mage.Awesome a few days back and I really felt like my damage output was extremely weak. While we managed to limit the Dragon to one fire blast AOE in the first phase, the other DPS probably dealt most of the damage.

I’ve decided to take a mathematical approach to maximizing my damage output. I crunched out these numbers this morning. Unlike my Divine Spells by Rank post from a few days back, I wanted to get some numbers on mana consumption and damage per cast time. An analysis will surely follow as I experiment with different combinations in game.

I’ve gone for a full fire spec to maximize damage. These numbers do not take into account crit damage or damage that is increased by the spell tree. It’s basically just spell books, not things like Skyfire and Flaming Mind, which will play a critical role in my spell rotations.

Since tanks seem to have an easier keeping aggro these days, my goal is to deal huge amounts of damage over time. That could be in short bursts or drawn out– I really do not know yet. If it requires mana potting like a boss, so be it, although I do not want to rely on a healer’s DB.

Hopefully other people out there can make good use of this chart as well!

Note: on an iPhone, this chart doesn’t scroll properly. Click here to view the chart in a new page.

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Divine Spells By Rank

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Listed below are the current divine spells (as of February 13, 2013) on a rank-by-rank basis for my spec. I recorded these to see where I could save mana or cast times. I was hoping that some of the lower rankings of Divine Light or Ring of Healing would have shorter cast times, but that was not the case for any of the spells.

The potential mana savings in my opinion seem to be in Divine Light, Resurrect, and possibly Ring of Healing. Divine Light at rank four is still effective, especially when the cast time is halved by maxing out Devout Mind. I might try that out for a while. Reducing Resurrect’s rank could make you more effective in a jam (first mentioned to me by fellow guild member EJRIV before I came up with these stats– credit where it’s due). The third rank of Ring of Healing would save 100 mana per use at the cost of 100hp+ per player, which might be worthwhile for Ring spammers.

If you wish to know Doc.Awesome’s equipment when this data was recorded, please refer to the previous post. To see his spec, please refer to this oac-head spec page.

Spell Rank Mana Dist Cast CD Text
Rapid Healing* 9 600 20 1.5 1 A rapid healing spell. Restores target HP by 680 to 740.
Arrow of Faith* 11 300 25 1 1 Launches an arrow of holy power at a target. Deals 371 to 382 holy damage
Blessing of Vitality* 5 200 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their stamina, wisdom and spell power by 30 for 30 min.
Restore 1 80 20 1 3 Restores 60 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
2 100 25 1 3 Restores 76 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
3 120 25 1 3 Restores 96 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
4 150 25 1 3 Restores 120 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
5 200 25 1 3 Restores 144 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
6 275 25 1 3 Restores 180 HP every 3 sec to a friendly target for 15 sec.
Resurrect 1 320 20 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 10% max HP and MP.
2 600 25 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 20% max HP and MP.
3 960 25 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 30% max HP and MP.
4 1350 25 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 40% max HP and MP.
5 1800 25 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 50% max HP and MP.
6 2400 25 5 5 Resurrect a dead player with 60% max HP and MP.
Divine Light 1 320 20 3 2 A time-consuming but powerful healing spell. Restores 600 to 650 HP to the target
2 380 20 3 2 A time-consuming but powerful healing spell. Restores 730 to 800 HP to the target
3 470 20 3 2 A time-consuming but powerful healing spell. Restores 960 to 1,050 HP to the target
4 620 20 3 2 A time-consuming but powerful healing spell. Restores 1,280 to 1,400 HP to the target
5 860 20 3 2 A time-consuming but powerful healing spell. Restores 1,800 to 1,950 HP to the target
Ring of Healing 1 450 10 2 2 Restores 303 to 418 HP to you and your team members within 10 meters.
2 520 10 2 2 Restores 370 to 500 HP to you and your team members within 10 meters.
3 600 10 2 2 Restores 447 to 595 HP to you and your team members within 10 meters.
4 700 10 2 2 Restores 534 to 722 HP to you and your team members within 10 meters.
Prayer of Pure Faith 1 450 10 0 60 Party members within 10 meters take 50% less damage from all attacks or spells, and restore their HP by 300 every 2 sec. The effect lasts 10 sec. and you must keep praying to maintain the spell.
2 450-800** 10 0 60 Party members within 10 meters take 50% less damage from all attacks or spells, and restore their HP by 450 every 2 sec. The effect lasts 10 sec. and you must keep praying to maintain the spell.
3 800 10 0 60 Party members within 10 meters take 50% less damage from all attacks or spells, and restore their HP by 650 every 2 sec. The effect lasts 10 sec. and you must keep praying to maintain the spell.
Blessing of Battle 1 100 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 5 for 30 min.
2 120 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 10 for 30 min.
3 150 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 15 for 30 min.
4 200 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 20 for 30 min.
5 270 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 25 for 30 min.
6 350 20 0 3 Bless a friendly target and at most 3 random friendly targets within 5 meters around the target, increasing their strength and agility by 30 for 30 min.

Hope this helps somebody out there.

* Can’t downgrade these after they have been upgraded.
** Accidentally skipped the mana consumption for rank 2 of Prayer of Pure Faith during my recording.

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February 13, 2013 at 9:52 am

Col.Awesome: Farming for a HoH

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Having run loads of dungeons without doing anything to replenish my wallet, I found myself very short on gold recently. I decided to do some farming during times when guild mates were occupied or offline. We hold regular giveaways in our guild, so picking up a few extra blue items would help stock the prize pool as well.

If you read this blog regularly, you may remember that I scored a [Hammer of Honor] while leveling back in June. I was only raising a healer to help my guild, so I didn’t really care about the added benefit of a [Hammer of Honor] over a [Mace of Thistlevillus Flamen]. I decided to give it away to Wrenfold’s monk when she inquired about it on this blog. The times– as they say– have changed and I take my healer very seriously these days. So I decided to fish out another [Hammer of Honor] for the Doc, even though the next update may make it obsolete (will GL finally buff the [Life Chain Totem]?).

At first I was farming with Mage.Awesome, my favorite Plunking Glove farmer. Just in case you did not know, Mages are absolutely fantastic farmers when enemies are clustered together and abundant, and the plunking glove would cluster enemies in places where they weren’t intended to be clustered! Sadly those days are over and we are all stuck doing speed runs to round up our prey.

The corrupted exiles of the rift, who I chose to massacre for my [Hammer of Honor], are scattered a bit, making it difficult to pull more than six at a time with every pull. Their hideout is a well know farming location as well, so it’s sometimes difficult to claim a good spot. Even if you do claim a good spot, the crowd makes people ruthless. On one occasion this lame archer named Alshehhi followed me around and repeatedly split shot my crowds before I had a chance to barrage. He would also snipe enemies that I was attacking. He called me a noob and told me to go away. What kind of archer has a claw anyway? Please feel free to troll this jackass for me, thanks.

Nice Claw, Archer lol

Nice Claw, Archer lol

So the solution was to convert Col.Awesome back to an archer and farm away. I can quickly and easily pull mobs of 10+ with his Legolas-esque bow speed, which reaches distant enemies in a third of the time as running with a mage or fireballing them. Fighting fire with fire, losers like Alshehhi are no longer an issue when I am also an archer– and one with a [Sunsaya Crossbow]. Standing in a single spot, I can spin in a circle and fire rapid shots and spit shots at surrounding enemies and mobs. Once they cluster around me, I just split, explosive, and rapid shot the mob. By using escape with a 50% dodge bonus, I rarely dip below 50% health. Of course, the most obviously benefit of farming with my ranger is that he doesn’t run low on mana.

Col.Awesome, killing some exiled Orcs

Col.Awesome, killing some exiled Orcs

Within a week of farming between 0.5-1.5 hours each day, I had acquired 2 [Laryngeal Seals], 2 [Farstrider Commander’s Rapiers], an [Earth Splitter], a [Lut’Hiran’s Hammer of the Demon Slayer], some other blues that I can’t remember, 50+ green items that got merched, and of course, a [Hammer of Honor].

Hammer of Honor

Hammer of Honor

Doc.Awesome, post [Hammer of Honor]:

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August 17, 2012 at 10:28 am

Col.Awesome: Spec, Gear, and Misc. Tactics

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After doing some PVP in Vega with §oul, >—knee—> (*DragonBorn*), and lolok, we went to Silence to duel and talk ranger tactics. I promised that I’d post my build, so here it is!

I’m currently sporting an archer PVE build. The highlights are typical of an archer build: Snipe, Explosive Shot, Split Shot with Barrage, Pin Feet, Path of Shooter, and Guerrilla.

I love having both poisons, applying each in different scenarios. For example, I usually apply Acute Toxicity if I have a tank on my team and Paralyzing Toxicity if I don’t. Acute adds DPS while Paralyzing gives you some breathing room against mobs. I usually skip poisoning my daggers out of laziness.

I’ve allocated 3 points in Escape rather than Weighted Arrows. I did this mainly for Shadow Warriors, where a 1/3 chance to dodge is more valuable to me than an extra 9% chance to stun. It’s also helpful when accidentally pulling aggro. I might swap these two when I do more GSL runs or when PVP arenas are released.

I didn’t put any points in High Explosive. I wrote about this in an earlier post. Because of its high mana cost and low damage output, Explosive Shot should only be used to stun, interrupt, and hit more than one enemy at the same time.

The spec:
Click here to view it on butt3r’s O&C Spec Page

Archer Spec

Archer Spec

Lately I’ve been going almost all out on Ranged Attack Power (RAP).

Sometimes I swap the [Biting Rings] for a [Dark Assassin Ring] and a [Cerulean Gem Ring] when crit percent really matters. I’ve been wearing the [Dark Assassin Necklace] over the [Power Infusion Necklace] because it has lots of crit and Attack Power– which still benefits ranged damage. The RAP of the [Power Infusion Necklace] is totally sweet, but the necklace has no secondary benefit like the [Dark Assassin Necklace].

The next update will obviously change things. If RAP isn’t buffed, I’ll probably begin to focus more on crit, maybe by crafting a [Disciplined Mark]. I obviously need a pair of CKDs.

Regarding PVE tactics, the main thing that I’d recommend to noob rangers is don’t stand still. The rule of thumb is this: always be on the go unless your target is not able to move towards you. As an example, let’s discuss a typical solo fight against a Shadow Warrior (male). From Sneak you’d start off with a Rapid Shot to stun him. Always follow that up with a Snipe to get things going. If he is paralyzed (from Paralyze Toxicity), you can shift a bit to reset Guerrilla and save up Vigor to Split Shot; otherwise, pin feet and start running away. Once you are a good distance away– but still within his movement range– hit him with a Split Shot. Now run around him (i.e. “kite” him), keeping a distance of at least three arms length to avoid his Area of Effect (AOE) spells. There are two archer spells that can be shot while running: Pin Feet and Avulsion Shot. Use them while on the move! After a Pin Feet, go for a Snipe or Rapid Shot from a safe distance if your Vigor allows it. Note that you can move before a Rapid Shot is finished casting! Repeat these steps until the warrior is dead.

Please comment on this post if you have any suggestions for me or other people! See you in game.

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August 8, 2012 at 9:43 pm