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Col.Awesome: 3/4 T2 Accessories

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Col.Awesome received the most awesome donation yet from Frkypunk, one of the star rangers on Arcadian Forest (iOS): a [Wind Chaser Cloak]! After that, I decided to spend my souls and pimp out my ranger with 3/4 T2 accessories, with only 100 souls left for 4/4.

Additionally, thanks §witchBlade–formerly referred to as Abaddon and Spartacus in this blog–for pointing out that 2/6 sin gear and 2/6 archer gear no longer yields both bonuses. He also advised that I wear Dark Assassin gear for the time being instead of my EHL drops, which I agree with.

Helm: [Keen Track Killer’s Helmet]
Shoulders: [Keen Track Killer’s Shoulderpads]
Chest Plate: [Reinforced Stealth Hunter’s Coat]
Gloves: [Keen Track Killer’s Gloves]
Legs: [Keen Track Killer’s Legguards]
Boots: [Keen Track Killer’s Boots]
Cloak: [Wind Chaser Cloak]
Necklace: [Dark Assassin Necklace]
Trinkets: [Wind Chaser Amulet], [Rune’s Fingerstall]
Rings: [Wind Chaser Ring], [Dark Assassin Ring]
Ranged Weapon: [Blood Sacrifice]
Melee Weapons: [Dark Believers Blade], [Dark Believers Blade]

Alternative Items:
[Sunsaya Crossbow]
[Dark Assassin Ring]
[Cerulean Gem Ring]
[Robust Brand]
[Power Infusion Necklace]
[Hidden Cloak]
[Nacher’s Soul Ring] x2

PVP Items
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Cloak]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Ring]
[Brutal Combatant’s Wonderful Wind Necklace]


Written by oacplayer

April 11, 2013 at 7:17 am

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