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Boring Mage Update

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Upgraded to a [Magic Spill Vanishing Magician’s Hood] with that final essence from RKL. Also purchased an [Elf’s Hairpin] for 100 souls. 26.6% crit, baby! Not looking too shabby now.

Hood: [Magic Spill Vanishing Magician’s Hood]
Shoulders: [Vanishing Magician’s Shoulderpads]
Chest: [Reinforced Conciliation Magecloth Robe]
Gloves: [Vanishing Magician’s Handguards]
Legs: [Reinforced Blue Moire Skirt]
Boots: [Magic Spill Vanishing Magician’s Shoes]
Cloak: [Ocean’s Breeze]
Necklace: [Infinite Energy Necklace]
Trinkets: [Elf’s Hairpin], [Swamp Eye]
Rings: [Magic Excited Ring][Magic Power Ring]
Weapon: [Heartforger of Sorcery]


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April 27, 2012 at 2:15 pm

“Not in Game” Weapons on oac-head

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The designer of oac-head.com did a superb job coding and designing the site. Not only does it look great, but the site is well maintained with a full directory of up-to-date items. I also respect that the owner involves the community in collecting information about new items after major updates. To show my support, I link all the items in my blog posts to oac-head. In exchange, readers benefit by having single-click access to the items that I discuss.

Back on Tumblr, I added the oac-head JavaScript file to my theme, adding hover functionality to item links on my site. You can see this behavior by hovering over any item on oac-head.com. Unfortunately, I can’t do that on WordPress without hosting a stand alone version of WordPress myself. I have an Amazon EC2 server that I use for other non-O&C sites, so I might migrate at some point.

Anyway- back on topic- I noticed a somewhat controversial category in the oac-head items database this morning: “Not in game” items. This list contains items such as the mythical [Kelong Sword], [Blood Snake Bow], [Test Shield], and [Brutal Combatant’s Bone Sword]. Pretty funny to see how many test (or hacker?) items have made their way into the production environment!

I’d love to get my hands on one of these. For example, how fun would it be to use the [sandbox_sword_1]? With a damage range of 20-240, it’s a true gamble- taking it to Vega would be like bringing a shard of glass to a knife fight! Also since it’s level 1, you could do some serious damage with a noob warrior. Imagine killing 60s while you’re questing in Vega!

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April 25, 2012 at 10:56 am

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